Amsterdam meets denim

Denim tanned to chill.


Amsterdenim is a celebration of life in Amsterdam.  Experiencing every detail of the city is what Amsterdenim stands for: innovative ideas, trading, architecture style, fashion, living by the water. The designs represent the past and the future of Amsterdam. The connection with the past is represented by the brown colour for our inner pockets.
Amsterdenim encompasses the sailboats with the brown sails which were used for transporting the turf and the materials needed to build the houses, still there today.  It is no surprise that the first dungarees or working trousers (with the well-known rivets) were made of the same kind of fabric as the old sails. In later years denim fabric was used for sewing working trousers.  The collection has evolved into a series of denims for every occasion, from dressing up smart in Paradiso to a walk to/trough the Vondelpark. From the catwalks to the streets.
No compromise in tradition of tanning the fabrics. The recognizable details are: the name, the logo, the buttons, the dark blue yarn, (we use for stitching) and the history of Amsterdam you find on the inner pockets.
The logo of Amsterdenim reflects the pointed roofs, the 3 crosses, bridges, canals and downtown Amsterdam .

Enjoy the Denimcapital of the world, Amsterdenim.


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