Made by quality Italian fabrics.


The Diva legacy began in a small workshop by the sandy beaches of Tel-Aviv in 1942. Diva by Rachel Pappo is a global swimwear brand that sells in over 40 countries around the world. It contemplates its niche boutique and local family values and identity;

After 70 years of existence, 3 family generations, the Diva brand still delivers on its promises for flattering fits, fashionable styles and quality fabrics. Rachel Pappo second generation designer, grew up in a family business fascinated by the colors and fabrics, and loved the ocean – progressing with designing swimwear was natural outcome for her. Diva is still very much a family business yet in a global world. Currently 3rd generation Netta Pappo, Rachel’s daughter, and her brother Ran Pappo, is determined to move forward and grow the business globally.

Diva designs provide excellent support and comfort, inspired by catwalks of Paris and New York, engineered by top Italian fabric masters including Paolo Farkas and Beppe Spadicini. The goal of the brand is to empower women, make them feel great while wearing very little.

MG Premium S.A. is the official distributor of Diva by Rachel Pappo in Greece and is actively seeking wholesale clients to distribute the brand further.


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