Capture the Xmas Spirit, an enchanting limited edition collection by Wolford.


Perles and crystals give an extra boost during the festive period, they impress and “turn eyes” around. Chic see throughs, clean lines, assymetric shapes, soft materials, perles and crystals decorate lavishly your christmas outfits, at parties and private functions, with the distinguished Capture the Christmas Spirit, μια Limited Edition συλλογή από την Wolford.

Chase the Christmas spirit, lift your mood, with a positive day at the office, a relaxing weekend snuggling at home, a lovely night out for glamour and fun. At any occasion, this special Limited Edition, Capture the Christmas spirit Wolford collection, will offer the combinations needed for your brightest moments this christmas.  Little black dresses made of soft jersey, cosy soft wool capes, feminine undies, shimmering bright leggings, all create a game of glittering elements of silver nightshades, just the flashlights which attract women under the missletoe. 


Geometric Bodies

Nothing more feminine but the sheer materials on tops, bodies or legs. WOLFORD has it all this christmas.  The popular  TULLE STRING Body decorated with a flower of perles in front, the TULLE Pullover also goes on the limited edition collection, specially created for a modern layering look. As chic as it can get with those festive perl decorations on our favourite items.


Baily Dress for a shopping stroll.

Assymetry everywhere.
A skirt in A-line shape and a diagonal finishing touch, will empower the feminine silouette. A deep cleavage in V shape will sit perfectly on a feminine body. A slim top will give way and project feminine curves.  A game of sheer versus opaque materials will best dress your shoulders, an expression away from the ordinary. Nothing less than the freedom of being unique. 



Wool Binx Vest softness chic.


Casual chic all day Xmas, woolen & heavenly.

This woolen Binx Vest, wraps around your body in a soft and warm layer, perfect attire for the long christmas strolls, will warm up your overall look without hiding its details, the woolen material will thrill, as you will never want to leave this vest behind.  Modern shapes with a deep colar, suited perfectly with sleeved gloves. Binx Vest will lift your mood for shopping and long meaningless walks and that is not just all!   


Pearl Tights για λαμπερές νύχτες

Perles and diamonds will be your best bet for your fashion legs.   Shiny elements will magnetise the crowds at this special limited edition deco collection by Wolford.  Available in socks, knee-highs, overknees, stay ups and opaque tights, these wishful shiny white decos will give you the xmas spirit you all have been waiting for. 


Pearl PushUp

Shiny charm lingerie

Sheer push up bras, seemless, with bright perles and Swarovski crystals will decorate the straps. A suiting string will give in to your deeper fantasy.   The sheer tulle body with the white perly flower will be one of the most wanted pieces this Xmas.  Why are they so different?  Utmost femininity in materials and decorations, with a luxury chic outlook make this limited edition collection irresistible throughout your most precious moments. 

MG Premium participated at the Athens Fashion Trade Show 2016.

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