New 3W Skin Bra

Wolford introduces the world’s first bra that understands what women want.

Wireless engineering, weightless construction and wearable support: the new 3W Skin Bra brings out life-changing features. Wires are put aside. The wonderful Cotton Contour material is cut and molded into a bra shape. Its wavy silicone finish, aims for maximum well-being for all women, wherever and whenever this new bra is worn.

3W Skin Bra

If you could have three wishes for your bra, would you also wish away the wires, ask for weightless comfort and request a well-fitting item that supports any dimension of your life? The innovative 3W Skin Bra wraps the body softly with its wireless construction and injected silicone tubes.

There are two models available: one in a modern look with a plunge neckline, the other with a clean, sporty appearance. Both styles offer the wonderful experience of well-deserved effortlessness whatever the situation.

Wolford’s research and development masterminds took the metal underwire completely out of the picture. They replaced it with injected silicone tubes that take over the role of wires and
elastic bands. Additionally, for an ultra-soft feel and flawless look, they coated the tubes with a pleasant velvety finish.

Through a pioneering technique of workmanship, Wolford uses one piece of two-ply Cotton Contour material to cut the whole bra. In the meantime, common manufacturing methods for bras use up to 30 or more components. Also, the Cotton Contour material – ultra-performing in Wolford’s Essential Collection with its worthy mix of cotton and elastane – feels particularly comfortable against your skin.

Though it disappears subtly under your clothing, it makes sure to underline your silhouette’ traits. The intended lack of wires and the one-piece composition make it the most comfortable, but also the most adaptable bra that ever existed. It is completely seamless and fits any body shape, independent of its size.

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