Underwear, beachwear & ready to wear products, declined in several moods

The history and nature of Intima Moda, have been always connected to style: the capability to recognize, realize, enhance and communicate it.
Intima Moda was founded in Modena in 1972 as a family company.

Initially the products were mainly distributed through wholesale channels and then, in 1992, the Company started its expansion in the retail world through the creation of Verdissima brand, with medium-upper range underwear and beachwear.

Creating underwear and beachwear for over 4 decades does not only mean understanding the market changes but, mostly, all women’s desires. A constant challenge, that requires the deep knowledge of a universe in continuous evolution. Intima Moda has steadily evolved maturing a successful experience, following the tastes and the needs of its customers.

Characterized by its Italian design and refined aesthetics, Verdissima has always been linked to optimum comfort, elegant design and high fitting standards.


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